365 (Confess His Name) Aaron Robinson

Music Video: Aaron Robinson - 365 (Confess His Name)

11:15 AMHip Hop Henry

From the outside, Aaron Robinson may seem like one of thousands of Hip Hop artists in the bustling and vast Atlanta, GA music scene. But if you take a closer look inside, you’re sure to find that Aaron Robinson is above all, a man with a mission to spread the word of the Lord to an underprivileged, broken-hearted, and corrupted youth. His new single, “365 (Confess His Name)” promotes his original brand of Gospel-Rap, while preaching his message of enlightenment to the lives of an unguided generation. 
He is so dedicated to his mission, for the “365 (Confess His Name)” music video he scouted three young teens wrapped up in gangbanging and got them to follow him in worshiping the Lord. In the music video, Robinson is seen sending his message under a streetlight and according to the word of the Lord, “Every Christian is the light of the world.” 



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