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Enter the world of Houston, Texas rapper Da Breadman as he shows you how to clean up all that "Dirty Money" in his Boomtown Production's flick. The energetic chorus from Eddie Coke sets things up for starters as we find Breadman at an undisclosed laundry facility with two bossed up baddies. As the southern spitter drops his rhymes, these beauties help the hustler launder his "Dirty Money". The Gutta Boys alum currently has three solo projects under his belt, “Breadman 1 & 2" and “Blessings 2 Da Streets”. Far from a street rookie, the Texan artist uses his setbacks, such as prior incarceration, as motivation to hustle as hard as he possibly can.

"Dirty Money" is an epitome to that statement, as he pays homage to the streets while showcasing his new found mentality of making it big in the music industry. The HoodKat Music Group member shows a more grown approach with "Dirty Money" as well with the R&B edge provided by Eddie Coke. Innovative and endless hustle are the two main characteristics that make up the Houston native's mindset. He recently shared his unique story with USA Blog Network's TheDopeness interview series. Watch the video for "Dirty Money" on YouTube and stay posted for future music from Da Breadman.

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