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ATL MUSIC// Sheena Jackson delivers a soul-stirring new R&B song "In Too Deep"

18 JulyUSA Blog Network

If the spirit of 90s Neosoul, and sonics of early 2000s R&B had a lovechild; that offspring just dropped an earth-shattering new single. Meet Sheena Jackson, a Columbus, Georgia songstress whose latest tune, “In Too Deep” is bound to seize your summer. The record is in many ways a quintessential R&B jam. It opens with a clean, bluesy guitar lick that briskly transitions into a thumping drum loop backed by a progression of poignant piano chords. After ten seconds of gorgeous instrumentation, we are introduced to Jackson’s even more gorgeous voice. Bleeding a similar soul to that of one of her idols, Chrisette Michele, our southern songbird hits the mic with matchless vitality. Each and every second of her vocalization is warm and embracing; unyielding to the magic of her production; and determined to outdo it. Likewise, on this record, she does not choose to waste her breath on the typical R&B tropes of sex, love and heartbreak. On the contrary, “In Too Deep” is something of a conscious record; wherein Jackson is using her vivacious voice to warn her community about the dangers of their detrimental lifestyles. 

She tells vivid stories of individuals involved in the street life whose decisions have landed them in unforgiving circumstances, as a means of reminding the “hustlers” who “keep hustling” and “riders” who “keep riding” to “watch the choices that you make.” If the spirit of 90s Neo-Soul, and sonics of early 2000s R&B had a lovechild; no doubt, that child is Sheena Jackson and she is poised to make a powerful impact on the world. Listen to her recent interview and download “In Too Deep” today.

“IN TOO DEEP” on Spotify:


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