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“Circle Too Small” // Hiphop duo 2 LIT drop a fire newage single

28 MarchUSA Blog Network

Vibrant, piano strikes are the first things to shine through the mix of “Circle Too Small”. That is before the audacious flows of Heatray and Fargo introduce something even brighter to the track: their duo, 2 LIT. Amid the bounce of 808s, and syncopation of trap drums, this Washington, DC-Atlanta, Georgia team give stellar, sprightly performances; resulting in one of the most radio-ready records of the month. Everything about “Circle Too Small” perfectly coincides. The deathly lyricism of 2 LIT blends smoothly with the devious production of Trackdealer, whilst both elements uniquely match a ghostly, jet-black cover art. “My circle too small, gang members only / I walk around with the M and M’s on me!” Styles of the DMV and ATL both bite viciously through this hardbody single. Its subjects and atmosphere are teeming with the darkness of DC; while its rhythm, delivery and flow are something no true ATLien can ignore. Through fusing those two styles, 2 LIT has cultivated an invincible sound. One that will rocket them, and “Circle Too Small” straight to the club-rocking top.

“Circle Too Small” 
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