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Bossman Beano whips up trap anthems on new mixtape "Lawwwwdd Have Mercy On Me"

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In the streets, you either hustle or starve. Rapper, Bossman Beano has lived with this cold hard fact since an early age. That undying hunger is what made BMB the man that we see today. An ambitious street-smart businessman. Recently he released his monster mixtape "Lawwwwdd Have Mercy On Me" to the world! This is a glimspe through the eyes of a boss as he maneuvers from the trap house to the boardroom. "Lawwwwdd Have Mercy On Me" is a stellar project that is packed with trap gems and amazing production! Download the entire project on iTunes and join BMB's growing movement today!

Instagram @bossmanbeanova757
Facebook @bossman.beano
Twitter @BossManBeanoVA

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