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Apollon The Don drops westcoast influenced conscious rap song “Breathe”

01 MarchUSA Blog Network

On your first listen to “Breathe (Ghetto Lullaby)”, by Apollon The Don, you may mistake the lyricist to be a fresh, Californian upstart. The whistling synth playing the back of his production harkens to G-Funk; whilst his paced, yet deliberate flow is reminiscent of the same LA legends that pioneered that style. It will come as a shock to learn that this gifted emcee is actually a native of Atlanta; however, that piece of information makes “Breathe” all the more jaw-dropping. For, it exists so greatly outside of the trap trend that currently grips his environment. From a young rapper emerging from Clayton County (Zone 3), the lyrical depth of his verses and Southern, soulful inflection of his bridges and hooks are a breath of fresh air. Apollon The Don proves on “Breathe” that he is a descendant of the greats who architected this art-form in the Golden Era. He commits his pen to storytelling; narrating the various plights of growing up in the impoverished ghettos of our country. “Breathe (Ghetto Lullaby)” is a record, that merges West Coast production, with deep, conscious lyricism and a soul-stirring, Southern harmony. If you have been searching for a fresh beacon of Hip-Hop hope to shine out of Atlanta, Apollon The Don is the answer. And he is a radiant one, at that.

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