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Zero The Kidd releases new-age banger "Wave"

28 AugustUSA Blog Network

“All in my face, ‘cuz they wanna ride my wave!” When first starting up, Zero The Kidd’s “Wave” will mislead you. By its watery, ambient synth and tame, auto-tuned intro, you will be convinced that this single is yet another calm pool of modern-trap majesty. That is until the 808 punches the mix, and you are dragged into the current of a high-energy anthem. It is fitting that Zero’s home is Boynton Beach, Florida; for this track is an inescapable tsunami of sound. Washing freshly across your speakers, from the shores of the Sunshine State, “Wave” commands a radio-ready swagger not easily accomplished. Swimming through kicks, snares and hats, Zero The Kidd makes an impressive splash on the record; unleashing a stream of bars and melodies that will enliven anyone who hears them. So much so, that it is certain “Wave” will add another million plays to the ten million Zero has already acquired. If you are in need of a tidal banger for your upcoming, September playlist, look no further than Zero The Kidd’s amazing latest— “Wave”.

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