New York City DJ/Producer Sour Muzic Releases New Beat Tape "Sour Muzic Presents The Instrumentals Vol.2

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Hailing from the South Bronx in NYC, Sour Muzic has teamed up with Hectic Boyyy to create their new beat tape Sour Muzic Presents The Instrumentals Vol. 2. The six-track compilation is packed with heavy drums and provides listeners with authentic hip-hop beats and a fresh spin on old school vibes. Sour is known to stick to a classic sound while keeping his eyes and ears open to the streets for new creatives to collaborate with. Vol. 2 is Sour Muzic's way of tapping into whats new in the streets and what better way to do that than to take it to the streets. "After the last release i went back to the streets and asked okay who else is hot right now and the people responded 'Hectic' so now it's his turn." - Sour Muzic

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