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On-The-Verge rapper, VSOP Sity/Sin Sity new club anthem "Bop It"

8:24 PMUSA Blog Network

Brooklyn, NY based artist, VSOP Sity/Sin Sity unleashes a standout single from his new album “Sity View Vol. 1”. On the new single titled “Bop It”, VSOP Sity drops an energetic performance for the club! With the song's focus and intensity, it is clear that VSOP drips authentic hood music with every bar. The track constitutes compelling vibes that are recollected from how the street life might have impacted his current level in life. Within 2 minutes he uses a boss-like charm and superior lyrical ability to explain ambitions of a hustler. 

The macabre rap and Brooklyn upbringing are evident in the tracks synchronicity. A shout out goes to the beatmaker as the track has a high octane, uptempo, trap direction, with skittering drums, faint violin samples and echoings akin to a Gregorian chant all command highlight reel space. Fall into the new single and join VSOP Sity/Sin Sity's growing movement today!

[Listen to “Bop It”]


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