Lo Profile - "Trust You Like My Tre 8"

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Straight out of Buffalo, NY, Lo Profile is delivering bars and an undeniable flow that the game has bee missing. His new single "Trust You Like My Tre 8" takes you into hood chronicles of a hustler with trust issues. In every hood cult classic song or movie, there is always that one 'friend-turned-foe' that teaches us the lesson of friends becoming your enemies. Lo has obviously seen his fair share of untrustworthy 'friends' and there is one factor that stands true when qualifying as a trustworthy confidant in Lo's inner circle: secure him like his favorite weapon of choice protects him. Like Ice Cube said in "Check Yo Self",
'You coulda had a V8/ Instead of trey eight slug'
Sounds like the last thing you want is one of Lo Profile's trusted comrades busting through your door in the middle of the night. Listen to the new joint below and learn more about Lo Profile below:

Up from the streets of Buffalo, New York, comes one of its most creative artists: Lo Profile! Lo Profile leads the list of fresh talent exploding out of western New York. Family struggles, the streets attack, close friends, die – the raw vision of Lo Profile’s music captures life and puts it on exhibit, forcing you onto the streets of Buffalo through the battered doorway of his life. Now that he has the street’s attention, expect Lo Profile to bring the Hi Intensity you’ve been missing back to the hip hop game. Be on the lookout for more hits from Lo Profile and the AIM 1ST ENTERTAINMENT team. 

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