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Jibba The Gent releases new album “Broccoli Tree”

5:41 PMUSA Blog Network

Broccoli Tree. This is far from just another rap album... This is a celebration of life, love, and music! Vermont mc, Jibba The Gent releases his 1st solo album titled, “Broccoli Tree”. This 15-track project is designed to be a work of art that tells Jibba's life story. The substance and content on the project is so strong, because he strategically plans every song out before it is recorded. There are many gems on “Broccoli Tree”. On intro song, “Chosen” a highly emotional, Jibba, shares dark moments over a powerful, cinematic track. “Planes” is a radio-friendly 420 party starter that is as fun as it is potent. “Maple Syrup” is an incredibly Vermont hiphop anthem that uses metaphors and clever wordplay to keep the audience engaged. Listen all the way though as Jibba communicates deep thoughts with his signature slick, uptempo flow over soulful production. Now that Jibba The Gent has delivered the "Broccoli Tree” there's only one thing to do... Roll that, light that, pass that! Stream/Download the full project today on Bandcamp: https://jibbathegent.bandcamp.com/releases

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