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Mikey Cook new-age hiphop single “Wylin” [Featured Artist]

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Long Beach artist, Mikey Cook, brings a soulful twist to Californian pop through his latest offering, “Wylin”. Clocking in at three minutes and three seconds precisely, “Wylin” proves to be a sweet fusion of genres. Cook does not sing his verses conventionally. He barters orthodox vocalization for raw, organic melody; whirling from word to word with an idiosyncratic, soulful drawl. Elements of hip-hop can likewise be tasted in the mix; bleeding beautifully between Cook’s bars and hook. Where the influence of Andre 3000 is unquestionable. Lastly, by way of his instrumentation’s nature and groove, it’s hard not to feel the static of electronic dance music. A joyous, bubbly melody is backed by pulsating kicks and snares; adequate for any unfinished EDM mix you’ve been concocting. What these parts in tandem serve to show, is Mikey Cook’s matchless ingenuity. What he harbors, aside from pure performance talent, is the ability to mix and match opposing styles of music in a way that completely breeds his own. The West Coast wild-card is fated to make a distinct splash in contemporary pop music. After one listen, you’d be “Wylin” not to agree.



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