Choze feat. Shai Sevin - "D.I.Y"

11:55 AMSamhoody

At a time in music when UK is delivering refreshing talent and new sounds CHOZE finds a way to express his art without restrictions and doing so finds a lane for himself. Lead Single "D. I. Y" (feat. Shai Sevin) gives a feel of a grime esque sound laced with heavy bass. Choze delivers witty bars with a stern but smooth vocal projection. The subject matter is D. I. Y ( DO IT YOURSELF) self explanatory in his eyes. Choze has created an open dialogue through his music celebrating independence and believing in what you set out to accomplish. Much needed in times of doubt. This is a motivational song with a simple but strong message. A lyrical song with many layers whether heard through its concept or finding any relation the conclusion is bold and relevant.  

 Twitter: @ChozeOfficial

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