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RA Light drops enlightening new hip-hop album “Round 2”

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RA Light started his recent project, “Round 2”, off with a poignant, acapella tribute to the late, great Nipsey Hussle. Duly, that intro sets the stage for the EP— foreshadowing an opus that will impact lyrically as hard as it does sonically. Upon listening to this alternative, New York City album, this prophecy quickly actualizes; and before you know it, you are flying through a brisk rollercoaster of RA Light’s ingenious mind. 

“Round 2” is undeniably brief, yet nevertheless, it packs a jaw-rocking punch. After the intro, “New Wave”, the Bronx rapper bolts us into a romantic, dancehall-inspired banger titled “Nina”, featuring Makinout. This record gives “Round 2” a substantial, radio-ready smash. One whose rhythm and groove can in-arguably crack into the mainstream. Following that, is the strongly Hip-Hop influenced “Grind”; whose blitz of bars and trap-heavy production give the album an anthem any rap-loving crowd can get behind. “Za Jester” is the most individualistic cut on “Round 2”— bolstering idiosyncratic melodies and flows over an abyssmal, piano-driven beat. The lyrical approach of RA Light on this track solidifies his standing as a unique force in underground Hip-Hop. A statement that is nicely ended with the outro-instrumental, “Space Switch Tease”. Verily with this release, RA Light will amass a great deal of hype for himself. He already has us anticipating another full-length, with which we can crown him a rising prince.

“Round 2” on Spotify 


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