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Rising hip hop artist Dominic Bonner, also know as “Dominic Gambino”, just released his latest hit single "Parents" ft. NLE Choppa, best known for his 2019 certified platinum single "Shotta Flow". When asked about the meaning behind the song, Gambino said, "parents ft. NLE Choppa is for the group of people you have that are just ambitious at doing what they have a passion for that, a normal person wouldn't understand it, kinda of the modern day will Smith concept to give an good example". Basically saying, "Hey I'm a poet, Hey I'm an artist, Hey im a Dancer for a living this is what I do get with it...", the rapper proclaims.
Dominic Gambino was born in Jacksonville Florida, but has been living in Joliet, Illinois since he was 7 years old. Music has always been a substantial part of his life. The rapper's devotion to his music has been instrumental in keeping him on the right path and out of trouble. Following his passion for music since he was a kid, he has continued to pursue his dreams and perfect his craft, turning his music into a full time career. Drawing inspiration from rappers Tupac and Andre3000, as well as his upbringing, Dominic Gambino is able to express himself as well show off his versatility in his new hit single "Parents".
The song is available on all major platforms including Apple, Amazon, and Spotify.

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