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Danielle Alexa releases pop/soul influenced song, “DayDreams”

10:10 PMUSA Blog Network

Danielle Alexa will blow you away with her soulful new song, ‘DayDreams’. Listen as she takes you on a fascinating journey of life. She uses her powerful voice and deep story to share her thoughts. She can no long escape her feelings. In the midst of a chaotic existence she reflects on a myriad of personal issues that ultimately drives Danielle Alexa to be exactly who she is today! Get lost in the mello drums, funky keyboard and throwback pop vibe of the 70's and 80's. Here, Danielle shows her uncanny ability to merge different genres soul, pop, retro-funk, and R&B. 

Aside from the botanical garden of audio that the production offers, Danielle drops some pretty serious vocals that may rival the likes of a Sade or an Adele, all while delivering some pretty clever content matter that seductively lures the listener into her world. With Danielle Alexa’s 1st single, ‘DayDreams’, this is only the beginning. Follow her and listen to the new song today! https://youtu.be/YnVf46bZtnY

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