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LOUIE RACKS releases new banger “Snitchin” [Includes Interview]

5:58 PMUSA Blog Network

Are you a real believer in the art of Hiphop? Skills? Street music? Well eastcoast king, Louie Racks, is here to rescue your eardrums away from the lack of content and supreme wackness of today's rap music. Student of the g-code, Louie, properly pistol whips all haters, fuckboys, and snitches across the face with his new banger amptly titled, “Snitchin”. Get captured by the sinister keyboard and hard hitting bass that rolls in like thunder as the track breathes with a repetitive hit-hat snare drum. 

This sets the canvas for Louie Racks to report live from the street about these slithering snakes who will post up on the corner getting money with you, but if they get knocked, would spill their guts out to the law. I dont know where you're from, but in my hood this is a no-no. On “Snitchin” Louie Racks speaks with the bravado of a boss as he brings to light that niggas nowadays are light in the skinny jeans. He also instructs what is to be done when you catch 1 of these traitorous bastards. 

“Snitchin” is just but 1 of the dope recent releases off of the label, Louie Racks ENT. Louie recently spoke in-depth with USA Blog Network about everything. Listen to “Snitchin” on Soundcloud and be sure to peep the interview today! 

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