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Sgt. Denoh Grear releases powerful new song “Pledge of Allegiance”

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You see it in the news everyday. From mass shootings, to racially charged police slayings, to NFL protests. The place that the world views as the land of the free, home of the brave, and the greatest country on Earth, has become more and more divided as a people. Feeling the ever rising tension of today's society, US Army Combat Veteran/Spokenword artist, Sgt. Denoh Grear, releases “Pledge of Allegiance” to address our issues and bring us together! 

Listen as Sgt. Denoh Grear drops a compelling lyrical song with conscious verses aimed at hopes for unity and positive activism. He has been on the battlefield before, so he knows what is at stake if a change is not made soon. Sgt. Denoh Grear says, “We must come together and truly make a pledge as a nation undivided. The outcome is a very inspiring look at what could be if we all chose to just let our guards down and come together. Stream “Pledge of Allegiance” on soundcloud or iTunes today:

Download "Allegiance"


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