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Chris Knite releases RnB/pop song "Ready For Love"

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“It’s been a while since I first saw you, something about that kiss...” For those of us who have had tremendous romantic encounters, these words from Chris Knite are a blast down memory lane. “Your pretty smile, girl, I can’t front it; Girl, I reminisce...” By the beam of his star-striking chorus, we are warped into complete recollection of that special someone; and reminded of the very moment each and everyone of us knew we were “Ready For Love”. 

Native and nigh-tropical percussions keep this enamored power at a constant throughout the record. Surely, the beat is flavored by an array of synths, rises, and basslines that assign it Pop perfection; however, these drums are powerful enough by their lonesome to lift your spirit. Lift it high into the atmosphere of this singer’s superb vocals. Through clouds of reverb and autotune, Chris Knite sings with the resplendence of his Sunshine State. As he serenades his unnamed love interest (in a fantastic mixture of English and Spanish), his voice flourishes with a lushness only Jacksonville, Florida could provide; making for an earth-shaking R&B hit. Love is in the air this summer and, thanks to Chris Knite’s latest, it’ll remain that way for the rest of 2019. Singlehandedly, he’ll have us all “Ready For Love”.

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