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Young rapper from the trenches of Saint Louis, MO, T DUB continues to strive for greater avenues. After his freshman release “Disturbance Better Off Showing Me” this young musical talent pressing for fame with pure content that displays his rage and hunger.
Amongst some of the talented competition that have hauled before him, T Dub is on the verge of making a firm imprint in the hip hop industry with his painful flow the shows is rage.

Pillow Talking is a raging song that talks about the darks of trapping and mobbing. Opening with a brazing hook like

  “Running with this whole mob stick, whose talking down, m*fukas ain’t got sh*t. Riding through your town, rolling back you, get pop quick”

 Creating his reality that many people will feel is very violent and rough. In his form of pillow talking, T Dub displays his visions through lyrics. From the very beginning of the song, the circumstances of going through hell and back, from people gossiping about what you are creating for your reality, it becomes nothing nice, isn’t that the truth for you?Music like this is in a lane of its own. Many will think that the content is too rough for the upcoming youth but in today’s music, this would be considered Urban Trap.

Pillow Talking -  https://youtu.be/Rne2BX6RB9I Social Media - https://www.instagram.com/tdub_muthafuka_ Music Links - https://music.apple.com/us/album/distubance-better-off-showing-me-ep/1310518416

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