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11:45 AMDJ Mos Precious

Instagram- @prince_lit
Facebook- @princelitpj

Celebrate is high energy rendition of chants and motivation to celebrate. High powered voice and his pitchy delivery, this song is surely a classical form of creativity and very catchy for all musical lovers internationally.

“You ready for this?, Are you ready for this?, Are you ready for this?, This Prince Lit, Sit right here and just celebrate, .”

Positive and motivational poet, Prince Lit creates a lane of awareness that is very dear to his heart. A connoisseur of inspiration and prolific verbs, this world is in for a treat. Prime example of success, his story is undeniably inspirational. From aging out of the Denver, Colorado’s Foster Care system at the age of 18. He became homeless but with his strong determination and passion he continued. Diving harder in performing poetry with a Non-For-Profit Organization called, “Art From Ashes, whom purpose is to help struggling youth. After he mastered the art of spoken word, he transformed to music creativity. Prince Lit decided to put his poetry to music.

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