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Checkout the new ep "Mr Alien Man" from rapper, EDDE6D

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"LIᖶE" Sad, hateful, & suicidal.

"Yoshi" Playful, drug influenced bass heavy banger.

"Alien Trappin" Xanax and lean dosages

"Earthlings" Crazy shit!

"How High" Flame up.

Kush aliens have invaded Earth!!! EDDE6D's long awaited project "Mr Alien Man (Hosted by DJ Smokey)" is finally here. The quick explanation: rap, flex, drug music with extra crazy flows! EDDE6D is in full form with his signature crazy rap style. DJ Smokey adds entertaining skits and mixes to bring more value to the tape. The trap beats by Lord Raden and Extendo Beats are so hard hitting and high powered that you will probably bust your speakers! 

Twitter: @edde6d

Instagram: @edde6d

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