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Prophet Deluciano drops new dancehall anthem, "Waitin On You"

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Prophet Deluciano releases a seductive new dancehall influenced club anthem titled "Waitin On You". As usual Deluciano delivers an international sound with nothing but good vibes. He is waiting for that right girl and good things come to those who wait! Read his in-depth backstory below and follow his growing movement today! 

IG: @prophet_deluciano
Twitter:‪ @Prophet_SAX5th

Facebook: @Lucianomuxic

Deluciano says:

"I'm an artist with a purpose of captivating the minds of my people through good vibrations
And solidarity. My name is Prophet Deluciano, born in New York raised everywhere else. I'm still a Brooklyn native and a aspiring creative! My music has many genres reggae, hip hop and soul felt inspiration. I channel my thoughts when I hear a beat that moves me. My energy derives from life complications and economic imperialism. In retrospect, I am the future; A future that is woke! Since 9 I had a genuine feel for writing, my first rhyme was about reds and violet roses, now my compositions has grown into something supernatural beyond understanding. At 24 I'm geared to achieve the love of my supporters and fans, to educate and remind the world how very much green the grass still is, I'm bringing the real back and that's bottom line."

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