K Whop Has A Message for the Streets!

07 JuneThe Hip Hop PR Firm

K Whop

K Whop is a Texas artist that is ready to shake up the game with his new track, “I Had To Run It Up.” Originally born Kaylon Steward, the Top of Texas (Denison, TX) native, got his start in music when he was younger; he used to spend his free time rapping with his friends.

But before rap, Whop was heavily involved in the streets which landed him in federal prison. While there, Whop started perfecting his craft, and got a few tips and tricks from another iconic Texas artist – Twisted Black.

Now that Whop is free, he is ready to tell his story through his music! With his new track, “I Had To Run It Up,” Whop plans on giving fans/listeners a “glimpse into his life as a young boy, being exposed to the drug culture and capitalizing on it to make a profit. Now, he is back with better bars and a story to tell!”

Be sure to check out the track below! 

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