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Cam & Chris drops trill new single “I Love My Slab”

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A Southern classic for the modern-day— Cam & Chris’s “I Love My Slab” brings every bit of speaker-knocking intensity that you’d expect of a Longhorn anthem. The record is held together tightly by a syrupy soul sample. One that the series of 808s and trap drums behind it, serve well in elevating to a new level of Houston music. Heavily, the legacy of DJ Skrew is felt throughout the record; expressed the greatest in “I Love My Slab”’s pitched-down vocals. Cam’s trilled out, freestyled verses roll smoothly through this banger; signaling the ten-year stretch of this Texan honing his craft, finally paying off. For, he is churning out hits that his entire city and state can get behind. “I Love My Slab” swangs like the doors of the big-bodies it is devoted to; and treads just as nicely through your speakers of choice. With such a boisterous single, following the impressive debut of “I Done Came Down”, and a reported track on the way featuring YG; Cam has an undeniably impactful 2019 awaiting him. Press play, and get in tune with the next hitmaker of Houston, through the ethereal “I Love My Slab”.

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