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Papalee releases dope new album “Just a Matter of Time”

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Listen closely to the lyrics of Papalee, and you will feel as if he is narrating your life. That is how relatable his slick rhymes, over arcade-esque melodies, and easy delivery, over throbbing 808s comes off. To say the least, this Philadelphia artist is stylistically tasteful whilst remaining tranquilly visceral; qualities that make “Just A Matter Of Time” the album-of-the-summer contender that it is. For, it is undeniable that this album is teeming with hits. Every record within the scope of this ten track release— which sees features from Datslucy, ROLLO, SZN, Jacquie Joshua, Hooligan the Demigod, and Har— is radiating with starpower. They highlight not only Papalee’s versatility; but, likewise, the rapper’s ability to create surefire bangers in any form he pleases. From the heart-rending, melancholic ballad of an intro, “Stuck In My Ways”, to the party-ready thumpers “Know The Game”, “The Woahh”, and “Come From”; as well as the trap romance of “Queen” and “On Ur Mind”; each song brings a fresher and more exhilarating sound than the last to the overall body of work. All the while giving us a glimpse into a young man’s life, unfolding night by night, in The City of Brotherly Love. While the instrumentals of this extended-play will make it unfathomably trendy; the lyrics of Papalee himself will set it far apart from its contemporaries. This artist does not make music for the sake of making music. He views the microphone as a tool for bearing his soul; and it is “Just A Matter Of Time” before that artistry is spread across the globe. Press play, and watch the glow of Philadelphia’s new hope.

“Just a Matter of Time” on Spotify 


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