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Obi Khan releases grimey hiphop treasure trove on new album “Obi Files Vol 2”

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The combination of Obi Khan and Thanos Beats has once again yielded greatness. Almost a year removed from the stellar offering, “THC-4”; and only months succeeding the Madison emcee’s January project, “Guerillaz”, are sixteen tracks certain to further perpetuate this duo’s underground legacy. Titled “The Obi Files: Volume II”; this long-player is as vicious and diabolical as boom-bap gets. Obi Khan’s signature, guttural inflection, laced with volcanic bars, is plentiful over a collection or Thanos Beats mixes and instrumentals. Emcees such as Thavid Ruffin, TG, Prince Po, and Thanos Beats himself (among others), appear frequently throughout the project; spicing up records such as, “Fallin’ Like Dominoes”, “Red Lights”, “Sybil”, “Flyin’ High”, and “Escapin’”. Highlighting these few songs is not a denial of the others lining this album, however. Every track on “The Obi Files: Volume Ii” is a brash declaration of Obi Khan’s evolving artistry. His beat selection is spine-chillingly evolving. His delivery, as well as lyricism, is sharpening into a clean-cutting sword; ready to carve his face into the Mount Rushmore of underground kings. With every project, Obi Khan hasn’t failed to amaze; and after “The Obi Files: Volume II” it is obvious he never will.

“The Obi Files: Volume II”


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