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Listen to a unique love song "In Your Corner" by leunammƎ ft. Avantika

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Everyone needs that 1 person. That person who has your back down to the bitter end. That person who you love, laugh, and struggle with. That is what talented hiphop artist, leunammƎ's new single "In Your Corner" is all about! This is a very unique love song! leunammƎ spits poetry and creates a jazzy beat that are both packed with creative substance. It all comes together with the angelic voice of Avantika singing so passionately. leunammƎ says, "This is an honest song about love and the ups and downs in a relationship, with a jazzy/funky backing. This is what hip hop is missing." This single is a standout song from leunammƎ's new 4-track EP, "Alchemission" (Listen Below). Go download "In Your Corner" on Spotify today!


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