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MUSIC BUSINESS>> Meet Johnny Fame Music Promotion and Marketing Expert

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Johnny Fame, founder of Hip Hop Musicpreneur is showing unsigned Artist around the world how to step up their music marketing game. The strategies and techniques he teaches has many online music promoters upset because he's teaching all the strategies they make you big high prices for.

Johnny Fame is known to teach music promotion and marketing techniques that get results, even for Artists that are just stating out. He specializes in showing Hip Hop Artists how to grow their audience online through psychological, influential, and persuasive content marketing. 

It's easy to tell you “Johnny is a beast” So I embedded one of his facebook posts so you can see for yourself what everyone is saying about him:

Here is a taste of what he teaches:

In short, he shows you how to turn strangers into fans and fans into superfans. Superfans are the types of fans that are in love with you and your music. They like it, they listen to it, they share it, they buy it.

You can find out more about Johnny Fame here:

His personal Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/JohnnyFameHHM

His Blog:

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