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New pop/hiphop anthem "Shellfish" by Fefe Life

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Wow, what an amazing sound! International recording artist, Fefe Life, releases her new single titled "Shellfish". Fefe Life is an interesting character who appears to be larger than life! Her music combines elements of pop, dance, electronic and hiphop. The visuals are wild and unpredictable truly capturing the essence of the song. Grab "Shellfish" below and read what Fefe Life reveals about her new song. Also, at the very bottom checkout a funny out take from the making of the video.

Download "Shellfish" 

Fefe Life says, "This song is about daring to be yourself regardless of what others may think. Have no fear and no shame in the way you approach ur own path. It is a personal anthem for me about the shit I been through to realize all that . I have lived in several countries all over the world (the Jungles in LA, favelas in Rio, Buenos Aires, Paris) and worked with just about anything, all that to distract myself from my real path - music. I wrote this song when I decided that no longer would I live life in the comfort zone. I am hoping that people will feel empowered listening to this song as I honestly feel anything is possible , it only depends on our own minds and the boundaries we set for ourselves. The video is produced, directed and edited by me and shot by Kiva , I wanted to make it sensual and watery with snakes and colors."

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