Y.S.A. Releases "Blunts 4 Brunch"!

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A vivid storyteller from Brooklyn, NY named Y.S.A. is no amateur when it comes to hip-hop. Over the majority of his music career, Y.S.A has worked with plenty of artists and producers, who have helped him in establishing a sound and a message that Y.S.A can stand by. Not only is he a lyricist but he is an award winning lyricist, and has been on tour to various colleges campuses around the U.S.

Y.S.A is back with a new single that is sure to have the streets buzzing. Y.S.A is back with a new single called "Blunts 4 Brunch," which is sure to have the streets buzzing and be added to your brunch playlist. 

With a exquisite and chill vibe, Y.S.A. delivers a catchy hook which will sure to keep you wanting for more; "Blunts 4 Brunch I'm mackin' while I'm stackin' up."

Check it out below! 

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