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Marvelous Mir Releases New Song “North Korea”

3:59 PMUSA Blog Network

This is far from just another rap song... This is a movement! Marvelous Mir releases a very powerful and thought provoking song called “North Korea”. On “North Korea”, Marvelous Mir delivered a historical gem that is as dope as it is educational! Marvelous Mir has an uncanny ability to open up his consciousness to the listener with a deep hip-hop flow and hook. The fresh violin, snare drum and heavy baseline give "North Korea" an amazing revolutionary vibe. This song comes at an extremely turbulent time when all of the world’s eyes are fixed on the hermit country’s growing nuclear capabilities. Listen as Marvelous Mir eloquently reports on the temperature of the people who have been trapped in this Communist country and of a dictator who rules with an iron fist.

“Marvelous Mir is a creatively mindful rapper from Montreal, CA. By mastering the art in French and English, Marvelous Mir awakes a new wave of conscious listeners. Pleased by his original interests and his distinguishable poetry, many people are glad to learn that rap still has some magical spells that are truly worth listening to.”

Fans can join Marvelous Mir on that social change by connecting with him on his social networking, all of which can be found below!

“North Korea” on SoundCloud:


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