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Adrian Kniffley uses his originality on new video “Authentic”

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Remember when lyrics used to mean something? Well rising hiphop artist, Adrian Kniffley remembers very well. That's why Adrian has started a revolution with his latest video, “Authentic”. 

A brief overview could be described as an inspirational conscious rap over a dope rock and hiphop influenced production. On “Authentic” he laces his verses with the type of knowledge, substance, and honesty that is direly needed in today's hiphop culture. He does so with the lyrical ferocity that will have you bobbing your head and cheering him on. Adrian has been writing since he was in 4th grade and this is best work to date. He says, "I’ve always loved to create. Through music I had a way to express my creative side in my own way.” The single, “Authentic” is the title song off his upcoming album with the same name that is due for release on Dec 1st. -Carl BFM Jones

On recent behind-the-scenes interview with USA Blog Network told his unique story. If you're a fan of high energy, life-changing, hiphop music then you will really enjoy this one! Watch to “Authentic” today on youtube: https://youtu.be/4oUFnpk7vY8

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