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Purpz releases trippy new single “G-O Purpz”

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Catch a vibe.  PurpZ releases a certified banger titled “G-O PurpZ”.  If you're a fan of high energy, well-written and produced flex music, this is definitely the joint for you! "G-O PurpZ" is a smooth yet sometimes upbeat song that incorporates stoner culture and life.  PurpZ says the new song means, “Watch me go. Watch me rise no matter what I do.” PurpZ is an on-the-verge Westcoast rapper and CEO of Royal Underground Records. His music is a natural blend of hiphop, soul, and funk with nodes of style from multiple genres.  His tracks have a sense of longevity, the type of music that you can keep coming back to and it will mean something different every time.  Listen to “G-O PurpZ” today on Souncloud.

Facebook: @purpzlikepurple

Twitter: @purpz_rur

Soundcloud: @purpzru

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