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MEATY releases street anthems on his new EP “S3v3n”

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“S3v3n” on SoundCloud:

Are you a real believer in real street music? Well then Mansfield, Ohio rapper, Meaty, will be your new favorite artist! Today, our culture is filled with album releases that lack substance and just all sound the same. Then, you have students of hiphop’s golden era like Meaty.

Meaty is an Iraq/Afghanistan war veteran and a rising hiphop artist who has recently dropped a monster EP titled "S3v3n” that has something for everybody. Within just the 1st track you will understand why he is the truth! Intro track “Saucy” is a certified trap anthem. "One Shot" is that boombap hiphop song that tells a heartfelt story. “Get It On The Floor” is a hi-powered strip club anthem. “Bang” is a thugged out drill song. 

Meaty's appeal is the substance that he provides to a dying game, his creative content, and the contemporary polish of his sharp delivery. It is very apparent that he has added so much value to this 7-track collection by simply giving us the real him... no gimmicks. All of these ingredients and more make "S3v3n” a must listen! -Carl "BFM" Jones

Facebook: www.facebook.com/meatyg5
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GMeaty
Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/meaty

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