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Wolfe releases 13-track work of art “Notice Me”

11:34 AMUSA Blog Network

When is the last time you've heard a rapper who actually made sense? Who is not auto-tuning, mumble rapping, trapping, saucing, swagging or.. eh, you get the point! Our culture is screaming for an hiphop artist who articulates the truth without the cookie cutter approach. Enter, international hiphop artist, Wolfe, with his collosal new album “Notice Me”. Wolfe is giving 100% of himself as he shares his inner thoughts, feelings, and insecurities!

“Notice Me” is a 13-track work of art with a focus on quality and lyricism. Wolfe uses top-notch production, clever charisma and superior lyrical abilities to share life from his unique perspective. 1st you will hear a xylophone, an ill baseline then Wolfe flexing his for his crew on “Call Waiting”. He beats on his chest in triumph over an ominous sample and video game effect on “Bebop”. He is ready for the world on the positive anthem “C.B.K”(Come Back Kid). Then, title track, “Notice Me” is so powerful and truthful as he gets emotional while being honest about feelings of suicide and deciding to continue living. Wolfe says, "I strive to be honest about what I experience in life through my music.”

In conclusion, “Notice Me” is a stellar project that is packed with conscious gems and amazing production! In addition to the new album, Wolfe recently spoke with USA Blog Network's #TheDopeness interview series and told his story. Listen to “Notice Me” and checkout the interview today!

Stream “Notice Me” on Soundcloud:

Recent Interview: https://www.facebook.com/usablognetwork/videos/507807076260973

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/truewolfemusic

Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/WolfeVA757

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