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The Just Right Band ft. Ve' Al release new R&B album “I Want More”

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More kisses, more hugs, more intriguing conversations! Have you ever been so smitten by that special someone that no matter how much time you spend together or how much love you two make.. you still just can get enough? That's the vibe that Nola's premier R&B group, The Just Right Band and Ve' Al are laying out with their hot new record, “I Want More”. The song has garnered the #1 spot for 6 consecutive weeks on CashBox Mag's Top Hiphop/R&B charts! You haven't heard anything this silky smooth since R&B hits like, Freddie Jackson's “You Are My Lady” or Luther's "Take You Out Tonight". This is an uptempo stepper's cut where The Just Right Band tells a heartwarming story of a chance encounter that quickly turns into the true romance of a budding relationship! Ride the jazzy melodies as lead singer, Ve' Al sings his heart out in the name of love. He wines and dines his young lady while luring listeners further into this addictive groove. 

The single, “I Want More” serves as a standout cut from The Just Right Band's new 11-track studio album(with the same name) that was released on Swamp Island Records. In conclusion, after listening to “I Want More”, it is fans who are now left wanting more!

“I Want More” [Single]

“I Want More” [Full Album]

Website: www.justrightbandfeatveal.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/justrightband

Twitter: http://twitter.com/justrightband

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