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ATL HIPHOP>> $wish "What You Gotta Lose"

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Don't be scared... JUMPOFF! Its rare to find a young artist with the talent and diversity of $wish. His new age banger, "What You Gotta Lose" gets fans energized about his future! The question can be applied to any situation. $wish is reaching for his dreams and "What You Gotta Lose" is a kick in the @ss to standup and chase your too. In addition, $wish and beatmaker Higgy create a dark, whimsical hiphop jewel for listeners to vibe to. Enjoy! -Carl BFM Jones>>

I bounced back from one of the darkest places few would be able to understand without experience. I took the pain and evolved into a self made man with nowhere to go but up. Word to Allah. Stay humble enough, grateful too much, and maintain the sauce. -$wish twitter.com/J_Rashad1

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