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“Putting People On Game” is the only podcast wherein Chief Keef playing the piano, Dallas club culture, durags, Weezer and unisex barbershops can combine to form one, seamless conversation. That is because its hosts, Young Thirsty and Serious J Walker, are naturally, tremendous talkers. Their episodes typically span between two to three hours; and for this entire runtime, the Dallas natives will have a vice-grip on your attention. You will howl with laughter at their chronicles of everyday life, and listen keenly to their outtakes on music and pop culture. Every moment with these two (along with their panel of other, enthralling guests) will thoroughly entertain you; whilst feeling novel at the same time. There are zero dry-spots on “Putting People On Game”, and considering their runtime, this fact alone deserves immense praise. “Organic conversations that challenge mediocracy...” is the first sentence in their description; and as a synopsis it is perfect for what these talented podcasters have to offer. If you are a fan of shows such as “The Joe Budden Podcast”, “Bodega Boys”, and “Is The Mic Still On”, then you will absolutely enjoy “Putting People On Game”. It is two hours of endless entertainment by Dallas’s top conversationalists.

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