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TheSirDuke drops the ultimate “Salute” to women with fun newage hiphop anthem

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TheSirDuke’s newest track, “Salute”, is an anthemic tribute to ‘boss ladies’ worldwide. Running at three minutes with a music video that has already amassed four thousand views, this Windy City banger is almost as powerful as the women it praises. At first, it is introduced by a pounding percussion; an omen to the musical magic that awaits you. Ten seconds in, a profound bass-line impacts the mix, and simultaneously our Chicago emcee leaps into his verse. For every bar he spits, celebrating independent, hard-working women, TheSirDuke is rewarded with the tap of a snare, kick, and sprinkle of melodic tines that flavor his chorus. The way “Salute” ultimately comes together, by these means, is nothing short of awesome. Just as our incredible ‘boss ladies’ worldwide have built themselves from the ground up, “Salute” musically builds, likewise. In three minutes, it transforms from this persistent pound of a percussion into a thunderous, modern-trap smash. One that, if TheSirDuke ever performs it, will have every powerful lady in the audience feeling beyond valued. If you haven’t already, give TheSirDuke’s latest a listen with its music video, and be on the look out for his upcoming project, “N-Evitable”, dropping any day now.

“Salute” on Spotify:

TheSirDuke drops the ultimate “Salute” to women with fun newage hiphop anthem

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