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Melxdie releases fun new hiphop/pop single "Girls R Better" ft. Mavado

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In a day where upcoming artists tend to focus on one craft, Melxdie is a beautiful anomaly. As heart-warming and soul-stirring as her singing is, her talent does not halt at vocals. She is equally alluring as an actress; and with the drop of visuals for her latest single, 'GIRLS R BETTER', the Canadian angel proves she is destined for super-stardom. For, the visual strikes less like a music video, and more like a movie; illuminated by a collection of scenes that tell the story of a female-ran body shop (in which Melxdie plays an employee) fronting for a diamond heist. Jamaican artist, Mavado, joins in on the visual (as well as the song), playing the role of the shop's owner. Certainly, their chemistry on screen is astounding; however, when their power collides on the song, the pair creates an even greater work of art.'GIRLS R BETTER' is a rhythmic pop song, styled by rushing drums and colors of climatic synths. Melxdie brings the sweetness of pop music with her breath-taking delivery on the record; whilst Mavado brings the melodic swagger of his native dancehall. What results is a radio-ready, Billboard-deadly hit; teeming with the prospect of launching the songstress straight to the top. Through her singing and on-screen performance, Melxdie proves beyond a reasonable doubt that 'GIRLS R BETTER'; and she is only the right pair of ears and eyes away from international acclaim. 

"Girls R Better" 

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