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JAMZ releases epic RnB love song "Like Water"

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Jamz possesses an invincible vocal spirit. Whenever his voice touches a microphone, and he sings through that “classic soul with a modern edge” (as his bio equally highlights), the English artist transforms every song into a voyage. A voyage through mountains of emotions that you would be hard-pressed to detour. His upcoming single, “Like Water”, is the epitome of such an odyssey— detailing a love Jamz experienced that “keeps on overflowing”. By its fundamentals alone, this record is speechlessly spectacular. A soft, yet soul-bending electric guitar makes a bed of cotton for the record; upon which, the ambiance of soul and R&B can lay. Eventually, a drum-loop of modern R&B quality introduces itself; giving the instrumental further life. Life that Jamz’s vocals fervently embrace. Once the UK singer gets going, he is simply unstoppable. From the pit of his stomach, with a graceful mastery and execution over multiple ranges, Jamz expels a power and bravery that most contemporaries can only dream of embodying. Well-written lyrics about an all-encompassing love elevates Jamz’s performance, as well as the record itself, to celestial heights— making “Like Water” one of those records you feel before ever having the chance to process it. Like so many soulful classics before it, “Like Water” will immediately strike your heart; and plant within it, an adoration for England’s powerful and modern indie vocalist, Jamz. Tune into his Soundcloud on August 23rd, to journey with us through his harmonious offering, “Like Water”. 

Listen to "Like Water" today: 

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