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Beatmaker, Vantrill and Young Preach new-age toxic love song “Birthday”

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Opposites attract... It is the laws of psychics. Once you've emotionally connected to someone, it's hard to let them go. On-the-verge UK beatmaker, Vantrill, connects with talented alternative hiphop artist, Young Preach, to create a riveting tale of toxic love titled, ”Birthday”. Get lost in an intriguing Adam and Eve-esque drama as Young Preach can't seem to get his ex-girlfriend out of his system. She always re-surfaces every year for his birthday. We've all been there before. That same twisted relationship that you know is bad, but it feels oh so good! ”Birthday” has a refreshing vibe that is reminiscent of a PartyNextDoor or a The Weeknd song. Executive producer Vantrill, with the help of Camden, delivers an amazing R&B/Trap record that is packed with uptempo percussions, a distorted piano, and a variety of unique sounds that make the song an exhilarating burst of fun! 

Vantrill who has made her name in the industry as a ghost producer is now positioned herself to step into the forefront. ”Birthday” serves as a standout track from Vantril's upcoming debut album in 2018. Follow her growing movement and listen to “”Birthday” on Soundcloud today. 

“Birthday ft. Young Preach” on Soundcloud

10 Questions with beatmaker, Vantrill
1. What or who has been your inspiration for creating music?
Since I can remember, I’ve been creating music. I played in various bands growing up, and loved the process of creation and writing. As I grew older, my interest shifted from playing in bands to learning software inside and out and creating sounds that had never been heard before. I got the same kick out of making beats that I did from writing with bands previously, so I carried on working every day. I saw female musicians, such as Missy Elliot, take over their own production, and I have always been so inspired by people like WondaGurl, they were my inspiration when I first got into this.

2. You have been working as a ghost producer for years, why is now the perfect time for you to release music under her own name?
Yeah, I’ve worked as a ghost producer for so many people and some big names over the past few years, but I never felt 100% happy with it. I think that being in bands when I was younger has really encouraged me to stay in the limelight and make music for myself and WITH other people instead of FOR them. During this summer, I finally decided to start doing that. It was always the goal, so when better to start than now.

3. Did you produce the beat and write "Birthday"?
The beat was created with a very talented producer called Camden. The beat was then sent over to Young Preach, who I knew would suit it perfectly. Preach is an incredible writer, and did the beat justice with such brilliant lyrics and vocal performance.

4. What is the concept of the new song "Birthday"?
Young Preach’s lyrics speak of an ex who ‘always wants my time in the worst way’. He told me that his experience with a ‘toxic female’ is what inspired his writing, and I’m glad that the song gave him the opportunity to put those feelings into words. Many people have had experiences with an ex coming back after you’re finished with them, and it brings back the feelings and/or pain you wanted to leave behind. It’s ironic, because birthday’s are a celebration, the lyrics are clever.

5. How did you connect with Young Preach?
I’ve been a fan of Young Preach for a while, his sound is very unique and I knew I wanted him to work on at least one track with me. Being from the UK, I find it difficult to connect with a lot of the artists that I want to, but the internet is a crazy thing, and allowed me to reach out to him and create this artist relationship which I love.

6. Where did you get the inspiration for the beat?
We wanted this RnB/trap kind of vibe that was fast and had lots of things going on in the mix. The beats energy needed to reflect the somewhat angry and confused lyrics about an Ex. I spend a lot of time on my mixes, making sure they are the perfect balance and basis for a vocalist.

7. Is the song on a project that will be coming soon?
Yes, this song is part of my first ever album, which will be released in 2018.

8. What instruments and equipment did you use to create it?
I’m lucky enough to have access to incredible studios. I love to use a lot of outboard gear in my beats and mixes, such as the DPR402 , Phoenix compressor, culture vulture distortion units, Distressor, Manley EQ’s and more. I love putting sounds through these, such as drums, to create authentic analogue sounds that are lacking in this genre right now. A lot of people stick to their software and plugins, I like to bring the physicality back into my sounds during the mixing process.

9. How would you describe your production and mixing style?
Honestly, I think that at times, I can be very generic in my beat making. I try to create fresh new sounds and push the boundaries of Hip Hop as a genre. Hip Hop is so broad, and I’m so happy about that. There’s so many approaches that I know I can take to create a beat, so I just try to do the best I can to create a special sounding base for an artist. The thing I focus the most on in mixing is spaciousness - spreading sounds across the stereo field, even vocals to a certain extent, to fill out a mix and create an interesting mix that catches the listeners attention.

10. What should we look for from Vantrill in 2018?
I’m so excited for 2018. My album will be coming out, and I hope that people start to take notice of an independent producer who’s trying to work like the big names work. I’ve got great tracks coming out with some incredible artists, and I hope to be a part of the new sound of 2018!

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Youtube @Vantrill

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