Franchise (@5star_franchise) - Go Ham

2:04 PMThe Hip Hop PR Firm

Go ham with Miami native Franchise on his new single that is a sure-fire turn up anthem. "Go Ham" has all of the elements needed to be a successful banger in today's climate. With a bass-heavy Young Chop beat that includes a built up lead and hard drop combined with the imagery in Franchise lyrics that bring the experiences to life. Although "Go Ham" was released by Franchise about three years ago, this thing is still gaining traction with help from some great marketing. A number of videos can be found on YouTube of girls twerking to "Go Ham" and the booty shaking definitely brings the viewers in and once their ears get a hold of "Go Ham" the twerking won't be their only takeaway from the video. Franchise is definitely a savy promoter. Check out "Go Ham" below and make sure you look out for more from Franchise.

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