Kayana Latrice (@kayanalatricemusic) - Lil Freak

11:40 AMThe Hip Hop PR Firm

Nothing wrong with exploring your freaky side as Kayana Latrice does in her new visual for "Lil Freak" her follow-up single. Kayana once again adds another angle to her narrative and displays her versatility as a song writer and performer. "All Night Long" and "If She Only Knew" explore angles of infidelity and partying while "Lil Freak" is more of the sexual and seductive side Kayana. She also shows another side to her look her as she tries on a much more revealing outfit compared to the other visuals and she really pulls it off. It is clear that Kayana doesn't want to be boxed in to one sound or one look as an artist she shows multidimensional range. "Lil Freak" also includes a pleasant feature from GI who adds quality vocals and a male perspective on the sexual experience but also reciprocates the same energy. Check out "Lil Freak" below and make sure you look out for more from Kayana Latrice.

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