Guttaboi Mcdurmutt - Change

3:20 PMThe Hip Hop PR Firm

Listen to the deceit in his tone as Guttaboi Mcdurmutt tackles a hard beat and a catchy hook from SF on his new single "Change" out now. From real talk to the wordplay on this record it is clear that Guttaboi Mcdurmutt is lyrically equipped to rap with the best of them. "Why change, cause i'm here today/ A million dollars worth of game I'm tryna' give away" Guttaboi has the bars of a veteran who has clearly experienced a lot and his ability to eloquently express his life experience is clearly the highlight of his talent. "Change" is more than just good raps however, this thing has some mainstream appeal. Between a modernized beat and a hook that is geared toward a wide audience but also the quality of the raps there is something for everyone on here from hip-hop purists to the casual fan. Check out "Change" below and visit for more from Guttaboi. 

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