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Zay Hardy clears the air with new mixtape “Rumors”

10:06 PMUSA Blog Network

The mile high city of Denver has become a thriving city with a growing hiphop community. That growth has created a mystique around the scene: who has what, who's kicking it with who, and who is the next to blow? Hiphop artist, Zay Hardy, addresses this head-on with a refreshing new mixtape Rumors

This is a 5-track project where he shares his inner most thoughts, personal relationships, and proclaims himself the next! Listen to him test the industry and flex his lyrical muscle on title song “Rumors” or groove to the smooth and melodic real-life story that he drops on “Lucy”.

In conclusion, Rumors is a stellar project that is packed with conscious gems and amazing production! In addition to the new mixtape, Zay recently spoke with USA Blog Network's #TheDopeness interview series and told his story. Listen to Rumors and checkout the interview today!

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