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Mr. Cuttz is All About the Money on new album “I Will Not Lose”

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In the streets you either hustle or you don't eat. Rapper, Mr. Cuttz has lived with this cold hard fact since an early age after his mother passed away. That undying hunger is what made Cuttz the man that we see today. An ambitious street-smart businessman! 

On New Years Day Mr Cuttz will release his long-awaited album “I Will Not Lose” to the world! “I Will Not Lose” is a glimspe through the eyes of a boss as he manuevers to a higher level. Mr. Cuttz says, “This album is a chance to express how I see the world.” The new album is packed with hood tales trap anthems, chick songs, and club bangers!

Follow him as he stunts on 1st single “HaTas is MoTiVaTioN”, (produced by Helluva). 2nd single “About Us”, tells insights on suspect relationships dealing with gutta hood rat females! He shows his ambition of a hustler on 3rd single “Destination” and 4th single “Lost Ones” includes a dedication to mom R.I.P... The 5th single “Downtown” is set to drop on Valentine’s Day to show his appreciation for his ride or die soul mate who he was committed to before the fame. Last and final single “IamKing” drops on Easter Sunday! The album is a dedication to his mother who passed over 20 years ago which left him behind with two brothers and older sister in which left him to learn how to survive on my his own ever since his moms passing! Also, he lost his best friend in 2006 which would motivate him to go even harder. Track 13 JRoc - Dboy’s ft Cuttz is a track from his friend who passed. R.I.P forever, lives through him. In conclusion, “I Will Not Lose” is a stellar project that is packed with trap gems and amazing production! Listen to hits from “I Will Not Lose” today!

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