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Ach Zamar breaks the chains with new video, “Where Can We Go”

7:37 PMUSA Blog Network

In the fight for life and freedom, people are faced with many obstacles including the forces others place against them. Through the inspiration of what he has seen around him and what 
Black Hebrew Israelites are faced with, Ach Zamar was led to advocate for the people in a way he knows how best...through music. The self-taught musician through his song, “Where Can We Go” highlights the struggles faced and the pressures that are against us in our fight for freedom and success. He shows how to use our inner strength and power to help us conquer the odds against us and once freedom is granted, don’t stay stagnant but run your victory race until you reach where you want to go.

A passionate individual telling true life story through music...the language everyone understands. We should definitely look for more powerful words of wisdom from this artist. Ach Zamar recently talked with USA Blog Network. Listen to the in-depth interview today.


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