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Dayounte has 2 middle fingers high on hard-hitting new banger "Attitude"

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Sacramento native Dayounte copes a mean "Attitude" and expresses it fully over a Josh Petruccio production. With a mixtape planned for release this March titled "51.50", the California representative leaks out this brutal single. He's been rapping for roughly two years now and is quickly honing his rap skills. Alongside the newly released single and upcoming mixtape, Dayounte also has a tour in the works spanning several locales in California.

Anytime the rapper is in need to express his feelings, he grabs a pen and pad and vents. He has embedded a sole goal into his mentality, to make an impact in the music industry at any costs. "51.50" will be the third officially released mixtape from Dayounte and will follow up 2016's "Warm'n Up" and 2017's "Still Doing It". Three projects in twenty-four months is an impressive feat in itself but he feels his work is just beginning.

For "Attitude", he explains how people work his nerves whether that be direct or indirect. The trap influenced instrumental is full of deep bass and daunting synth keys, a perfect mixture for Dayounte to spill his guts on. Listen to "Attitude" here and check out more from Dayounte via his social media outlets. -Barry Quigley


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